Personal Service

Del Rey Car Wash

Del Rey Car Wash 810 Canyon Del Rey Monterey, California Phone: 831 899 9274 Del Rey Car Wash Gas, Express Detailing, $7 Express drive-thru car wash, Greeting Cards, Auto Accessories & Gifts. The best car wash on the Peninsula.

Lore Lingner

Lore Lingner Dolores, 2 SW of 7th Ave. Carmel, California 93921 [email protected] Phone: 831-809-6208 Visit my company web site for additional information and features.

Donna Zahn

Donna Zahn PO Box 221353 Carmel, California 93922 [email protected] Phone: 831-659-7345 Donna is a Cetified Care Manager nge. She has a wonderful personality, very experienced and professional.

Peninsula Pool – Shelly Ross

Peninsula Pool - Shelly Ross 575 Hannon Ave. Monterey, California 93940 Phone: 831-375-9248 phone: 831-373-7557 Peninsula Pool 50 years of local service and supplies.

Carmel Lock and Safe Co.

Carmel Lock and Safe Co. 26358 Carmel Rancho Lane, Ste. 4 Carmel, California 93923 [email protected] Phone: 831-624-6363 Carmel Lock and Safe High Security, Residential, Commercial, Automotive - Will come onsite to change locks....

El Estero Car Wash

El Estero Car Wash 590 Fremont St. Monterey, California 93940 Phone: 831-373-1801 El Estero Car Wash 100% Hand Wash - Full Service Detailing - Gift Shop

Carmel Rancho Cleaners

Carmel Rancho Cleaners 26080 Carmel Rancho Blvd. Carmel, California 93923 Phone: 831-626-9388 Friendly, efficient and best of all - my clothes are beautiful, last for years and have no chemical odors. The best.

Rainbow Cleaners

Rainbow Cleaners 269 Bonifacio Place Monterey, California 93940 Phone: 831-372-6743

Peninsula Pals

Peninsula Pals PO Box 2542 Monterey, California 93942 [email protected] Phone: 831-393-0963 Will assist you in getting your home or business in order. Offering a variety of personalized and coordinated services from detailed bookkeeping...